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Making Real (Estate) Waves

About - 10Wave Ltd.

Our purpose in life is to create a more efficient and more accessible real-estate market that everyone can profit from.

Real-estate.  The name itself conjures up visions of wealth and enduring financial stability that we all strive to achieve.  Conversely “real-estate agent” makes many of us think of hard-pushing sales-people who are looking to make hefty profits on “our backs”.

At 10Wave, we have developed a framework and technological platform that undoes these pretenses, allowing everyone, everywhere to benefit from real-estate, with the aid and active participation of verified real-estate agents.


As hard-working, “average joes and janes”, trying to make ends meet, we formed 10Wave as a means for people like us to enlarge their monthly cash intake and, in the long-term, establish streams of passive income by being active participants in the highly lucrative real-estate market.

As business people with a special interest in real-estate and keenly aware of the inefficiencies in the market, we wish to make 10-Wave an equalizer, providing an excellent source of business intelligence, and an enabler, allowing the public at large to deal in real-estate.

As licensed real-estate agents, 10Wave is our way of returning real-estate agency to it’s rightful status as a respectable profession that provides valuable assistance to buyers and sellers and contributes to the economy as a whole.

About 10Wave 

“The wave of the future is coming and there is no fighting it.” Anne Morrow Lindbergh, wife of Charles Lindbergh and world renown aviator in her own right.

The Internet, mobile, social networking and a billion other technologies, have fundamentally altered the way we live, think, act and, of course, do business. Consequently, every imaginable industry has been shaken to its core, going through momentous transformations, often at a mind-boggling pace, and usually for the better. That is, save for one.

Real-Estate – A Market in Turmoil

As you might have guessed, the stagnant industry mentioned above is real-estate, and, despite the forward march of technology and contrary to Mrs. Lindenbergh’s words, the real-estate market is fighting the inevitable progress. On the one hand, tremendous sums of money are being made by a small percentage of the population. On the other hand, the same outsized profits are attracting throngs of people to become real-estate agents, who, putting it lightly, compete aggressively for every deal, so much so, that in many regions of the world, as in Israel, their reputations have become severely tarnished, leading many buyers and sellers to seek alternative, less effective routes to achieve their goals.

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Welcome to 10Wave

Roughly 3 years ago, a group of like-minded individuals, all of whom had varying degrees of real-estate experience and were in the process of obtaining real-estate licenses, were brought together by a sense of foreboding regarding the market they were looking to participate in.  After performing a comprehensive study, they came to a profound, and quite depressing realization: that real-estate markets across the planet, especially in Israel, were broken (see “Real-Estate – A Market in Turmoil”) and out of reach to most of us, who could really use the extra income inherent in real-estate.  However, instead of trying to figure out how to fit in to the existing picture, these people, today the 10Wave team, decided to do something about it by developing a technological solution designed, not to service the current state of affairs, but to forever change it, to create a true paradigm shift.

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