How it Works

Making Real Estate Work for You

A potent mix of a patent-pending marketing methodology, an ingenious revenue model and a state of the art social networking platform, our approach to real-estate means greater monthly income for 10Wave members and a more accessible market for all.

How 10Wave Works


Signup to 10Wave to begin building your network and to see available properties. Complete your registration by paying your membership fees, which grants you eligibility to your first “Wave” of income, referral income and access to full listings. Click here for pricing information.


Actively scout amongst your family and friends, or, just keep your ears open, to identify deals (buying or selling of real-estate), and collaborate with the 10Wave team and realtors to bring the deal into the network.


Get others to join 10Wave to increase your earning potential. Passive income, long-term financial stability, and much more. Your recruiting efforts will be, well, nearly effortless.


Every time a deal that you brought to 10Wave closes, you earn 15% of the total commission. If someone you recruited or someone they recruited brings a deal that closes, you also earn a portion of the commission.


Gain additional profits from “Waves” of income generated, upon closing, by deals brought to 10Wave by someone in a “Chain” that stems from you. The more active you are in finding deals and recruiting members, the more “Waves” of income you will be eligible for.

Why 10Wave Works

Because Everyone wins!

10Wave has combined process and technology to create a social-business network that benefits real-estate agents, sellers, buyers and members of the 10Wave community, who can be anyone with the desire and motivation to increase their earning capacity. The key factors that make the 10Wave model so successful are:

  • Profitable – Revenues are earned from helping people to buy or sell their assets, and paid out to the appropriate members of the 10Wave community.
  • Accessible – Allows everyone to profit from Real-Estate.
  • Active – The more you put it in to it, the more you stand to gain.
  • Passive – Over time, 10Wave lets you build passive streams of income.
  • Fair – Income is distributed based on actual contributions to the network.
  • Simple – 10Wave’s platform and process are simple to understand and easy to use.
  • Transparent – Everything we do and how we do it is an open book and there are no hidden fees or profits.
  • Professional – By making realtors a key part of the model, we make sure every deal is fully and professionally cared for.
  • Vetted – We perform extensive background checks on each real-estate agent in our network and meticulously vet their credentials.

The 10Wave Community

While 10Wave is a business network that unites people, who wish to profit from real-estate, it is also, even more so, a community of people who really do care about the success of others in the community as well. This is not only because members have a vested interest in others in their chains (see below) succeeding, but because, more often than not, the “others” they bring to 10Wave are family and friends.

Wave Mechanics

No, we aren’t speaking of the physics of waves. Rather, in our commitment to transparency and to you, we delve here, a little deeper into the 10Wave business model:

How all of us Make Money

At 10Wave, our profits and those of our members and member agents come from commissions, earned from helping people buy and sell real estate assets. Realtor commissions commonly revolve around 2% from either side of the deal, i.e. 4% in total, with the real estate agency keeping 60% or more of the commissions and the real estate agent receiving the balance of 40% or less.

We, at 10Wave, believe in a more evenhanded distribution of commission income, where people are fairly compensated for their efforts:

  • Member Agents (45%): When members bring deals to the 10Wave network, a fully vetted real-estate agent, who is familiar with the territory and also a 10Wave member, is assigned to the deal. These agents do the bulk of the leg work, including obtaining valuations, evaluating tax and levy requirements for buyers and sellers, sorting out buyers, collecting and analyzing client needs, showing properties to potential buyers and more, and therefore receive the lion share of the commissions.
  • 10Wave Ltd. (10%): In stark contrast to “standard” realty offices, 10Wave collects only a small percentage of the commissions to help sustain its operations and earn a reasonable profit.
  • Network Members (45%): The remainder of the commission is distributed amongst the originator of the deal, their closest links in their 10Wave chain and to all members of the originator’s chain, as described in the following sections on Chain Marketing and the Wave revenue model.

A True Value Chain

A 10Wave Chain: A chain of 10Wave members where each person in the chain has recruited the next person in the chain, for instance, say John joined 10Wave of his own accord, then John brought Jane, who brought Tina, who brought Tom. The chain would be:
John -> Jane -> Tina -> Tom.

Chain Marketing: Members of the network benefit from the fruits of their labors in sharing information with the leading site for real-estate business intelligence, and in building chains within the community.

Deal Originator: The 10Wave member who brought the deal to the network.

Conceived by 10Wave co-founder, Mr. Haim Markowitz, “Chain Marketing” reinvents network marketing, creating a valid, robust marketing model that fairly compensates all participants by sensibly distributing commission revenue amongst all those who were directly or indirectly involved in closing the deal:

  • Deal originator (15%) – The originator of a deal makes the most if the deal closes – 15%.
  • Closest link (8%) – The person who brought the originator makes 8%.
  • 2nd closest link (4%) – The next person up the chain (twice removed) earns 4%.
  • Money is paid only when earned – Money is only paid out when a deal closes, thus ensuring fair compensation to community members.
  • Income Waves (18%) – Every person in a chain who is eligible to receive Wave income (see below), from the deal originator to all the way to the member directly linked to 10Wave (the company), receives an equal portion of the 18% balance of the commission revenue.

10Wave may make changes to eligibility requirements, criteria and commission distribution from time to time, according to the sole discretion of 10Wave.